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Jerrycan 20L, Drum 209L, IBC 1000 L, BULK
Article number
104374; 100777; 100778; 102242

THERMIC SH 615 is a soluble quenching polymer, which is nitrite, DEA, formaldehyde free. It has adjustable cooling speeds, managed with dilution ratios in order to cover a wide range of applications. It can also be used for tempering  stop under specific conditions. 


- THERMIC SH 615 is very cost effective:
  * Low concentration of use
  * Reduced product consumption : loss in chips and parts limited
- Few residues on parts
- Easy filtration of baths (no clogging of filters)
- THERMIC SH 615 gives a short term corrosion protection of quenched parts which avoid the use of an additional product for temporary protection
- Very good dermatologic behaviour

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