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Đóng gói
Drum 208 L, IBC 1000 L, BULK
Article number
109282; 109283; 109301

Hot quenching oil with a high ignition point, used for scaled martensitic isotherm heat treatment and hot quenching of low and medium alloyed steels.


- Reduces strain and cracks risks
- Excellent thermal stability, THERMIC 100 does not decompose under the effect of repeated quenching
- High quenching speed
- Uniform results due to a viscosity that does not vary
- High flash point, which reduces the risk of fire, even when it is used at 180°C
- Low consumption, by its fluidity it reduces loss by drag-out
- THERMIC 100 is approved by PEUGEOT CITROEN and can be recommended for all automotive subcontractors

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