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Ứng dụng
Loại sản phẩm
Dầu gia công kim loại
Đóng gói
Drum 208L, IBC 1000L, BULK
Article number
106892; 105862; 106778

SUPRAGRIND EVO 08 M is a clear, fluid, neat oil, which contains no sulphur or chlorine. It is used for the high yield machining of all types of metals such as the lapping and grinding of carbide tools, steel with diamond wheel and cubic Boron nitride.


- Fluid product with a synthetic base
- High lubricating power and high-pressure absorbing capacity (EP)
- Advanced cooling properties
- User safety (no labelling) and machine safety (high flash point)
- It maintains a uniform temperature of the parts by removing the heat produced during the cutting actions
- Anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties
- Provides excellent lubricant distribution on the set tool-part
- Enables the absorption of a small quantity of water
- Prevents the smearing of wheel
- No effect on paints or machine-tools
- Compatible with all non-ferrous metals

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