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Ứng dụng
Bánh răng
Loại sản phẩm
Dầu nhớt bôi trơn thông dụng
Chứng nhận OEM
US STEEL 224, AGMA 250.04, 9005-E02, ISO 6743-6, CKC, ISO TR 3498, CKC, DIN 51517 part.3, CLP, DAVID BROWN ET 33/80
Đóng gói
Jerrycan 20 L, Drum 208 L, BULK
Article number
104268; 100502; 102368; 100503

SUPRACO MPL is an Extreme-pressure mineral lubricant for all types of highly stressed gear drives except hypoid gears.


- Very high extreme-pressure and anti-wear properties

- Very high resistance to oxydation

- Non corrosive lubricant for non-ferrous metals, particularly bronze alloy

- Excellent water demulsibility

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