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Chứng nhận OEM
ISO 6743-6 category L-CKT, ISO TR 3498 category L-CKT, AISE 224, AGMA 9005-E02, DIN 51517 Part 3: 2004-01, CLP, David Brown S1.53.101
Đóng gói
Jerrycan 20 L, Drum 208 L
Article number
104322; 100520

GEAR SY 150 is a high performance synthetic oil (PAO-Ester) with Extreme-Pressure properties for the lubrication of reduction gears operating under heavy loads and high temperature.


- Very good Extreme-Pressure and anti-wear qualities

- Excellent stability to oxidation

- Corrosion-resistant in relation to non-ferrous metals and bronze alloys in particular

- Excellent demulsibility in relation to water

- High viscosity index

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