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DIY with Motul: 2 Part Chain Maintenance


DIY with Motul: 2 Part Chain Maintenance

Whether you’re new to motorcycling or a long time rider, it’s never too late to learn how to do maintenance tasks on your motorcycle. One of the easiest maintenance you can do yourself is maintaining your chain. Regular maintenance will help extend the life of your chain as well as provide a smoother and quieter ride. It can also reduce power losses and protect against corrosion. Your individual style of riding will determine how often you maintain your chain, as well as, weather conditions and load.  A good rule of thumb is to check the chain every 300-600 miles for signs of wear, correct level of tension, and sufficient lubrication. The chain should also be re-greased after every extended journey in the rain.


Cleaning Your Chain

The first step in chain maintenance is cleaning your chain. It’s important to remove any grime that has built up with a good chain cleaner. Over time, oil, dust, and worn materials will clog together to form pasty clumps. These abrasive clumps can increase wear and shorten the service life of the entire chain kit. Motul Chain Clean is a chain cleaner with a non-chlorine formula and an extremely powerful degreasing agent which removes crusted residues. It works on all types of motorcycle chains such as Standard, O-Ring, X-Ring, and Z-Ring, to help remove various build-up. Having a dry and clean chain is ideal for putting on chain lube later.

To begin, place the motorcycle on the main stand. Your motorcycle should be turned off. You can use an assembly stand if your motorcycle only has a side stand. As a precaution before you begin, cover your rear disc brake to prevent lube from getting on it, especially if this is your first time. A simple cardboard box will work. To apply the chain clean, you will need to turn your rear wheel to rotate the chain. If your motorcycle is on its side stand, wheel turning aids are available, consult your local shop for a recommendation. To avoid any stains and to protect the environment, you may want to place an oil pan or large piece of cardboard underneath the chain before you begin.

Once you’re ready to start, turn the rear wheel with your hand to set the chain in motion. Spray the links of the chain on all sides with Motul Chain Clean. Keep spraying and turning the rear wheel until all the links are covered with the chain cleaner. After spraying, leave the cleaner to soak in briefly, then take a chain grunge brush (an old toothbrush can also work) and gently clean the links on all sides. Don’t use a brush made of steel wire or similar material because it could damage the ring seal between the link, causing grease to leak. After brushing away most of the dirt and grime, take a lint-free cloth and wipe the chain with it. If there are still additional grime at specific points, repeat the process and target the affected areas. Make sure the chain is completely dry before you begin applying chain lube.

Lubricating Your Chain

Once the chain is clean and dry, you can apply the chain lubricant. Motul Chain Lube Road is ideal for road-use motorcycles. It’s a colorless, water and rust resistant, adhesive spray that coats motorcycle chains even at high speeds thus reducing high speed splatter. Motul Chain Lube Road also reduces friction and increases chain durability.

When applying Motul Chain Lube Road, turn the rear wheel to move the chain and apply a thin even layer of Motul Chain Spray Road. Spray at least two inches away from the chain and apply the lube only to the inside of the chain. The spray head has a capillary tube that allows the spray to be applied with precision. Using it to apply a thin, even layer to the inside of the chain, it will distribute the chain grease and ensure that all links are covered. The grease contains solvents for excellent flow characteristics and optimum distribution. However, to achieve good adhesion, you will need to air your chain for at least 10-15 minutes before riding off. If you accidently spray the wheel or other parts, it can be easily removed using Motul Chain Clean and a soft cloth.  

Another option is the high performance Motul Chain Paste, which offers extremely high adhesion so that no chain grease is thrown off, even at high speeds. It also offers low rolling resistance for more power. The Motul Chain Paste helps increase chain durability with its anti-wear properties.  It is also able to reduce friction, helps your chain to be water and salt resistant, and protects against rust. When using the Motul Chain Paste, apply a thin even layer with the brush integrated on the tube. A small quantity of it is enough to lubricate the entire chain. Don’t over apply with a thick layer. Instead, try and spread a thin layer of paste evenly using the brush. The Motul Chain Paste is compact and can be stored under a motorcycle saddle without risk, as it is non-flammable. A 150ml tube can provide about ten applications.

DIY with Motul: 2 Part Chain Maintenance

Enjoy The Ride

Now that you’ve finished your first chain maintenance, it’s important to do it regularly. Checking and cleaning your chain regularly will help extend its life and ensure that you are riding safe and protecting your motorcycle’s parts. Motul’s Chain Clean and Chain Lube products were exclusively designed to protect and increase the life of your chain. You can also check out Motul’s other MC Care products to keep your motorcycle looking clean and running well.