Chiappe podiums in Sharjah


Chiappe podiums in Sharjah

Dramatic turn of events in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), for the last F1 Boat race of the season, on 16 December. Indeed two drivers could still fight it out to win the championship, Alex Carella and Jay Price, respectively title-holder and challenger. But the combat proved shorter than expected: after an extremely rapid departure, the two boats collided at the level of the third buoy, putting an end to their rivalry and allowing Alex Carella to be crowned world champion 2011. The race was neutralised and, with the favourites out, the second departure gave an opportunity to Philippe Chiappe - driver of team CTIC China supported technically by Motul - to clinch, ahead of Francesco Cantando, a fine third place, his third of the season. This performance allowed him to secure fifth place in the World F1 Boat Championship, his best position since he has been participating. The second driver of the team, Pierre Lundin, not as lucky, was forced to abandon and finished the season in tenth place. The teams now have a few months to prepare for the 2012 championship of which the first event is scheduled for 10 March in Doha (Qatar).


F1 Boat Standings :

01// Alex Carella (DAC Mercury) - 84 pts
02// Jay Price (DAC Mercury) - 79 pts
03// Thani Al Qamzi (DAC Mercury) - 75 pts
05// Philippe Chiappe (Moore Mercury) - 47 pts - Motul

10// Pierre Lundin (DAC Mercury) - 16 pts - Motul

Image: © - Vittorio Ubertone - Idea Marketing

Chiappe podiums in Sharjah
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