Despite the ice, David Higgins sailed through the first round of the championship


Despite the ice, David Higgins sailed through the first round of the championship

David Higgins and team-mate Craig Drew confirmed their domination in the US Rally America Championship, right from the first round held in the last weekend of January in the region of Atlanta, Michigan. In this Sno-Drift Rally, the holders of the 2011 title won with authority the first four specials, getting two minutes ahead of the closest contender. The latter drew closer because he had made a better tyre choice in the morning of day two, but Higgins got ahead again and kept his lead to the arrival, winning 15 of the 24 specials.


Team Subaru Rally Team USA, for which Motul is a historic partner, drove a Subaru Impreza WRX STI which proved to be a fearsome machine, despite the particularly tricky conditions of this winter rally: 'The icy roads combined with the ban on studded tyres make this rally one of the world's most difficult,' explained Higgins. 'It's mentally very tiring because you're constantly on the edge, knowing that the slightest mistake is fatal. The level of adherence can change all the time, from variable to nil.' The team is off to a good start to keep its title, bearing in mind there remain five events, the next being on 24 and 25 February in Missouri.

This rally saw another fine performance, that of Team Sparco Rally xD, for which Motul is a technical partner. After a difficult first day that relegated them to fifth place, Andrew Comrie-Picard and Jeremy Wimpey took advantage of the changes in set-ups made during the night to push brilliantly forward, taking their Scion Rally xD to second place in the two-wheel drive category.
For the Motul teams, it would be difficult to even dream of a better beginning of the season!

Image : © Lars Gange

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