Toshi Arai has won the first Production Cup!


Toshi Arai has won the first Production Cup!

The eleventh and last round of the IRC 2011 schedule took place from 3 to 5 November: the Cyprus rally. Whereas in the top category, it was the talent and mettle of the young Norwegian driver which made the difference as he became IRC champion 2011 at barely 22 years of age, by contrast in the Production Cup category it was experience which prevailed.

Aged 43, Japanese driver Toshi Arai, multiple PWRC world champion indeed bagged the first IRC Production Cup reserved, as its name states, for production cars.

By winning in the category in the Cyprus Rally at the wheel of his  Subaru Impreza R4STI, Toshi Arai beat Swiss Florian Gonon – absent in Cyprus – in the final standings.

'I'm delighted with this title! The level of competition in IRC is very high and the tussles with young drivers are thrilling. It augurs well for the future', said the Japanese driver after the rally.

Production Cup standings:
1// Arai Toshi – Subaru Impreza - 111.5 pts - Motul
2// Gonon Florian – 75 pts
3// Cavigioli Marco – 37 pts

Image : © Araï Motorsport

Toshi Arai has won the first Production Cup!

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