The Axis of Oversteer BMW does exceedingly well!


The Axis of Oversteer BMW does exceedingly well!

The One Lap of America rally took place at the beginning of May in the USA. This 3700 mile long (5950 kms) endurance rally reserved for sports cars and crossing the country in various stages (circuit races, dragster tracks, wet ground driving centres), is a kind of civilised Cannonball. Motul was the technical partner here of the Axis of Oversteer BMW M Coupe.

After a big effort to be present on the starting line (last minute change of engine), the win in the SSGT1-Small category (10th on the starting line) was a perfect reward to conclude this adventure which saw the valiant BMW evenly matched with Corvette Z06s, Porsche GT3RS and Vipers!
The car (fitted with its original 330 hp engine) and driver, Eric Brum, should in no way be ashamed of the 256 km/h recorded during the speed test on the Daytona Speedway.

The 2012 date of the rally has already been booked down. The car will then be prepared and fitted with 600 hp in order, why not, to go for the overall victory! 

Image : © Eric Brum

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