Team Brams Racing shatter the stopwatch!


Team Brams Racing shatter the stopwatch!

With more than 1800 horsepower under the bonnet, the dragster is based on a Nissan 350Z and was put together in the Brams Racing workshop in England under the codename « Project ZED ». From the start its driver and owner John Bradshaw predicted he would achieve some great performances in his dragster.

No one, however, ever imagined that the dragster would smash the existing record, still less do it at the very first attempt. But that‘s exactly what happened on April 25 at the Santa Pod Raceway, a track just outside Northampton in England.

While the existing European record for a Japanese vehicle was held by Leon Green (Toyota Supra) in a time of 7.26 seconds, John Bradshaw covered the 400 metres from the start line to the finish line in just 6.77 seconds. Not only has John Bradshaw set a new European record but he is also the first driver of a Japanese vehicle to break the seven second barrier !

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