Superb double win for Motul's riders in KR 1200 category


Superb double win for Motul's riders in KR 1200 category

From 20 to 22 April, the Road Atlanta circuit hosted the second round of the Ama Pro Road Racing Championship which is the first of the three superb events making up the Triumph Big Kahuna Triple Crown (followed by Road Atlanta, Miami in September and New Orleans in October). It was a weekend that thrilled the spectators since it comprised races of four categories: Superbike, Daytona SportBike, SuperSport and KR1200 Series, the latter reserved for Harley-Davidson KR 1200s. Highly involved in this championship, Motul was its official lubricant supplier, while also providing its technical support to a large number of teams such as Team ADR (Johnny Rock Page, David Anthony and Jordan Burgess in Superbike, Rocco Horvath in SuperSport), LTD Racing (Huntley Nash and David Gaviria, SportBike), RIM Racing (Mike Morgan, SportBike), FOGI Racing (Ben Young, SportBike), Crown Industries (Austin Dehaven, Paul Allison and Sam Rozynski, SportBike), Team JSR (Tyler O'Hara, Michael Barnes and Josh Chisum, KR 1200), Apex Racing Service (Jacob Morman, SuperSport) and MPH Racing (Corey Hart, SuperSport).

For the Motul teams, the main news of the weekend will have been the first two places clinched by Tyler O'Hara and Michael Barnes in KR 1200 category. After taking the start in pole position, O'Hara came up against the resistance of two other riders including his team companion. Mechanical problems suffered by the third contender allowed them to get well ahead and secure a magnificent double win. In Daytona SportBike, Huntley Nash finished 7th and 8th of the two races, his best result since he joined this category, allowing him to progress in the Championship. Last year, he was hindered by the consequences of an ankle injury, but he now has full use of it again. 'It was a good race, and I managed to stay in contact with the leading group. At the end, arm cramp troubled me and I could have done better',  said the 19 year old rider after the Sunday event.
Last, in Supersport, Jacob Morman secured 11th and 10th place in the Saturday and Sunday races, which allows him to remain in the Championship top ten. 
Next event on 4 and 6 May at the Sonoma circuit in California. 

More info about the Big Kahuna Triple Crown, click here.


1// Josh Hayes (Yamaha, 116 pts)
14// David Anthony (Suzuki, 31 pts) - Motul 
17// Johnny Rock Page (Suzuki, 15 pts) - Motul
18// Jordan Burgess (Suzuki, 13 pts) - Motul

Daytona SportBike
1// Martin Cardenas (Suzuki, 82 pts)
2// Dane Westby (Yamaha, 62 pts)
11// Huntley Nash (Yamaha, 27 pts) - Motul
15// Austin Dehaven (Yamaha, 20 pts) - Motul
20// David Gaviria (Yamaha, 12 pts) - Motul
24// Paul Allison (Yamaha, 4 pts) - Motul

1// Jake Lewis (Suzuki, 82 pts)
2// Stefano Mesa (Yamaha, 67 pts)
9 // Jacob Morman (Yamaha, 34 pts) - Motul

KR 1200
1// Tyler O'Hara (Harley-Davidson KR 1200, 57 pts) - Motul
2// Kyle Wyman (HD KR 1200, 52pts) - Motul

3// Michael Barnes (HD KR 1200, 47 pts)
10// Josh Chisum (HD KR 1200, 21 pts) - Motul

Images : © Aussie Dave Racing & JSR Racing

Superb double win for Motul's riders in KR 1200  category
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