Subaru Rally USA takes back its crown thanks to Higgins-Drew!


Subaru Rally USA takes back its crown thanks to Higgins-Drew!

At end 2010, after four consecutive years of domination by its star driver Travis Pastrana in the Rally America National Championship, team Subaru Rally USA, for which Motul is an historic technical partner, failed to win a fifth crown...
Since last weekend and the New England Rally, sixth  and final round of the 2011 season, the Higgins-Drew duo has made up for this anomaly!


Indeed, by finishing second an event during which the duo satisfied themselves with sticking to the pace of their rivals and former champions L’Estage/Richard, the Subaru Impreza WRX concluded a fine season: 3 wins and 2 second places! 
There were however many questions at the beginning of the season: very high quality competition, a new team-mate, a new car and many rallies to be rediscovered... 
The title – the 9th Motul title this year – is even more of a treat!

Note should also be made of the solid performance by the Scion of Comrie-Picard/Wimpey, 2nd of the two-wheel drive category and 6th of the overall standings. Despite many problems, the motivation of the young team Sparco Rally xD (for which Motul is a technical partner) and the solidity of the Scion xD mean that 2011 has finished on a note full of hope for 2012.

1// Higgins-Drew (Subaru – 101 pts) - Motul
2// L’Estage-Richard (Mitsubishi – 96 pts)
3// Hanson-Hanson (Subaru – 82 pts)

Image : © Subaru Rally USA & Rally xD

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