A 100% Motul podium!


A 100% Motul podium!

The Relentless International North West 200 takes place on a road circuit, just like the Tourist Trophy, in the north of Ireland, attracting more than 100,000 spectators fascinated by the sheer audacity of the riders hurtling along hemmed in roads. Held from 16 to 19 May, the event saw, in Superbike category, solid success on the part of the Motul supported teams.

During race one, two Motul supported teams fought for first place:  Honda TT Legends and Tyco Suzuki by TAS Racing, with John Mc Guinness and Alastair Seeley respectively. John McGuinness managed to take a better start than poleman Alastair Seeley who got to the front but who, under pressure from his contender, made a small mistake which cost him the win, leaving the road open to an imperial McGuinness. The third step of the podium was for Cameron Donald (Team Wilson Craig), who rides the rest of the year in endurance for Honda TT Legends, so the podium was occupied entirely with Motul's colours! Another TT Legends rider, Simon Andrews, rode his first North West 200. Having left from the 19th place on the grid, Simon managed to pass several riders and finally crossed the chequered flag ninth-placed.

In race two, Alastair Seeley took the lead and McGuinness stayed in second place just after the start before being passed in lap four by Rutter, then holding third place which allowed him to podium.  Simon Andrews confirmed his brilliant maiden race on this circuit and managed to finish just behind his team-mate, fourth-placed! 'A win and a 3rd place are excellent for the team', confirmed McGuinness after the race. 'We were here with the famous Honda colours and the bike worked very well, so I'm very pleased.'
This encouraging result will allow the teams to be raring to go when it comes to participating in the star event of the year, the Tourist Trophy, starting on 26 May.

North West 200 - Results
Race 1
01// John Mc Guinness, Honda - Motul
02// Alastair Seeley, Suzuki - Motul
03// Cameron Donald, Honda - Motul
09// Simon Andrews, Honda - Motul

Race 2
01// Alastair Seeley, Suzuki - Motul
02// Michael Rutter, Kawasaki
03// John Mc Guinness, Honda - Motul
04// Simon Andrews, Honda - Motul

Image : © TT Legends Team

A 100% Motul podium!
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