No Joke Racing clinches two wins!


No Joke Racing clinches two wins!

For dragster motorcycle enthusiasts, the Mirock Superbike Series represent the ultimate in the United States. With eight annual rounds bringing together 450 to 500 contenders spread between nine categories, this discipline attracts thousands of spectators enthralled by the impressive machines fighting it out over 400 metres, as well as by the attractions that add a bit of spice to the event.

For the meet of 17 & 18 March at Rockingham, North Carolina, Motul supported two teams, HTP Performance and No Joke Racing. Last year, the former distinguished itself by descending under the 7 seconds bar, with a final speed of 327.66 km/h. Without doing as well, the team defended itself with flying colours on a difficult track, as recalled by team manager Cecil Towner: ‘There’s so much pollen from the pines that the track looks like a golf course’! So the riders of the most powerful machines, over 600 hp, had to fight it out with tricky adhesion problems.

For HTP Performance, in Real Street category, Richard Gladston on his Kawasaki ZX-14 posted 8.15 seconds, but Ryan Schnitz on his Suzuki Hayabusa had to give way in Pro Street to another Hayabusa, that of Jeremy Teasley, of team No Joke Racing, also supported by Motul and who finished the weekend pocketing two wins.

Image : © No Joke Racing

No Joke Racing clinches two wins!
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