Motul podiums in the Dakar rally!


For many drivers, the Dakar rally is one of the legendary events. Participating in it is a dream and crossing the chequered flag is a victory in itself. The gruelling nature of the event partly accounts for its legendary status acquired in merely three decades.

With a 9,500 km long programme and only 47% of the teams crossing the arrival line (204 teams out of the 430 present at the start), the 2011 edition has lived up to the legend.

Among the 'heroes' of this 33rd edition, most of the Motul teams did well in the five categories represented. For instance, the Japanese team, Toyota Auto Body, clinched victory in the T2 category (production vehicles) and therefore also reached an honourable 12th place in the overall car standings. Still in the car category, the French team MD Sport (Buggy No.355) finished for its part in 4th position in the 2 wheel drive category (32nd overall).

In the motorcycle category, Daniel Gouet (Chilean rider, Team Honda Racing Motofaxtory) finished the event in 15th position, while, in the quads, it was the Bulgarian driver, Petar Cenkov of the team MD Rallye Sport, who achieved the best performance by finishing 12th.

Last, in the truck category, it was once again the team MD Rallye Sport which did Motul proud since team No.566 driving a Renault Kerax came 34th.


Mitsuhashi - Guehennec / Team Toyota Auto Body / Totota Land Cruiser© Team Toyota Auto Body

Motul podiums in the Dakar rally!
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