Motul supports champions of gliding


Motul supports champions of gliding

As stated by its name, drifting is a discipline highlighting the art of gliding. On short circuits,  the drivers must seek not necessarily the best time but the finest gliding, without interruption during the race. The figures are similar to ice racing, but take place at a higher speed and in clouds of smoke coming from the overheated tyres. The standings are determined by a specialised jury, bearing in mind that there is great freedom as regards mechanical alterations: there's no point in trying to compete if you don't have at least 400 hp! And the presentation of the car and team must be impeccable. 
This highly spectacular discipline, born in Japan, has spread worldwide. The King of Europe Championship has therefore existed since 2005 and Motul is involved in it for the second consecutive year with a major communication platform. The inaugural event took place on 20 and 21 April and returned to the town of Poznan, for the first time since 2006. In front of several thousand spectators, 60 drivers competed in these modern day jousts,  first place being won by Polish driver Maciej Bochenek, whose experience allowed him to get the better of his closest rivals.
As part of this championship, Motul has also set in place a Motul Technical Challenge which brings into play a notion of regularity and reliability. The winner will win for the 2013 season his consumption of lubricants and maintenance products and, after this first round, the standings coincide with those of the championship.
Last, Motul supports more specifically team Dotz and its two drivers, Hungarian Adama Kerenyi  and Frenchman Sébastien Cornec. However, neither one nor the other had their definitive car yet and could not therefore show their full mettle. The next event will take place in Spain on 9 and 10 June.

1// Maciej Bochenek, Nissan S13, 120 pts
2// Francesco Conti, BMW M3 E92, 110 pts
3// Bartosz Stolarski, Nissan S14 LS2, 100 pts

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Motul supports champions of gliding
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