Motul, partner of the Festa Primavera 2011


Motul, partner of the Festa Primavera 2011

After the Tour Auto that took place in France in mid-April, the finest classic cars came together in Japan from 16 to 19 April for the Festa Primavera 2011, a regularity event similar to the famous Italian Festa Mille Miglia.

As in 2010, Motul was one of the official partners of this prestigious rally criss-crossing every year in April the roads of the region of Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Suzuka…). As for the results, 42 teams entered (to be eligible a model must have participated in the original event between 1927 & 1957) and it was Masahiro Yokota who won the event at the wheel of his 1957 Alfa Roméo SVZ No. 49.

Last, it should be noted that the Festa Primavera is one of the two sole events recognised in Japan by the Worldwide Authority for Historic Vehicles (FIVA). The second is its Autumn version, the Festa Mille Miglia Autunno organised, for its part, every October, in the region of Kanto.

Picture : ©Yuri Watanabe 

Motul, partner of the Festa Primavera 2011
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