Motul makes it presence felt at the X Games!


Motul makes it presence felt at the X Games!

One of the most prestigious and eagerly-awaited annual events in the world of Extreme Sports took place in Los Angeles last weekend – the 2011 X Games.

Held in “LA Live”, part of the Staples Center complex that regularly hosts the Lakers and Clippers basketball teams, the event attracted some of the best competitors from around the world and among their number were five who wore the colours of Motul.

In the “Best Whip” category Jarryd McNeil accomplished what he set out to do by finishing among the medals, picking up a bronze in a discipline in which the three best riders were selected by viewers  telephoning in their votes.

In three other categories – “Best Trick”, “Speed & Style” and “Freestyle Moto X”, Motul were represented by none other than Travis Pastrana, the Moto X legend who was attempting his “Pastranathon”. * The first freestyler in the world to succeed with a double backflip in 2006, the American rider was a serious contender for several gold medals. Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan and Pastrana suffered a nasty fall during his first jump, suffering a double break of his right foot and ankle. Nevertheless Travis Pastrana showed great courage in  insisting in competing in the Rallycross event driving a Subaru Impreza.

In the categories “Rally Car Racing” and “Rallycross”, David Higgins, Dave Mirra (Subaru Rally Team USA) and Pat Marro (PM Racing) were flying the flag for Motul. Of the three drivers David Higgins achieved the best result by clinching the bronze medal in the “Rally Car Racing” event, finishing just behind a certain Marcus Gronholm !


* “Pastranathon” was Pastrana’s description of the crazy schedule he had lined up last week. Competing in the Moto X Freestyle prelims and final on Friday, he’d intended to fly overnight to Indianapolis to compete in the NASCAR Nationwide Series on Saturday evening before jetting back to L.A early Sunday morning to take part in the X Games Rallycross car final. Unfortunately his broken ankle forced him to withdraw from the NASCAR event.

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