Malcolm Stewart in the top 10!


All the contenders of the highly popular American Supercross Championship came together last weekend in Atlanta for the second round of the season on the East coast. As a reminder, supercross is a sport equivalent to motocross but is raced on very short, highly technical tracks, at a very intense pace...
Organised in the largest American stadiums, these events generally attract large crowds of spectators. In Atlanta, there were 69,000 onlookers!

Motul supports the Suzuki City team, whose two riders - Malcolm Stewart and Sean Lipanovich – are participating in the Lites category in all the East coast rounds. The two rookies – it's their first year as professional riders – will have to show exemplary talent because the level of performance is very high.

The two youths are however learning fast, as evidenced by the fine 8th place secured by Malcom – the younger brother of James Stewart, one of the stars of the sport – last Saturday!

Malcom Stewart - Team Suzuki City Nitro Circus ©Team Suzuki City Nitro Circus

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