Team Allstars drivers were the star attraction!


Team Allstars drivers were the star attraction!

The drivers of team Allstars, an association based in California and grouping drift riders from all over the world (Europe, Japan, USA), met this past fortnight to participate in two drift shows in  Mexico: the 2011 Hot Wheels Drifting events!

These two events organised in Mexico City, then in Leon, by child toy brand Hot Wheels, were a real popular success since more than 5,000 spectators appreciated the 360° or other slalom exercises. 

At the wheel of their race cars prepared by team Allstars and therefore supported technically by Motul, several drivers shone particularly, namely the Japanese star of the sport, Kajikuma Hiromi, who won two podiums (2nd in Mexico and 3rd in Leon) at the wheel of his Mazda Miata !

Image : © International Allstars & Slide Society

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