Motul teams bag their category wins


Motul teams bag their category wins

The 24 Hours of Nürburgring is a race like no others. Apart from lasting 24 hours, it takes place on the big Nürburgring circuit — the famous Nordschleife, aka 'green hell' — more than 25 km long, and has more than 200 participants in several GT and touring car categories. The 40th edition of this famous event took place in partially damp conditions in front of more than 235,000 spectators from 17 to 20 May. When endurance is spoken about, Motul is never far: it therefore supported several teams. MSC Rhön entered a BMW 1-series Coupé with Pierre de Thoisy (a great endurance specialist), Thierry Depoix, Kurt Thiel and Hubert Nacken, who came 39th in the overall standings, by winning their SP5 category. Team STI Subaru did very well for itself with 28th place in the overall standings and a win in SP3T category for the Subaru WRX STI driven by Toshihiro Yoshida, Kota Sasaki, Marcel Engels and Carlo van Dam. Team GT-Academy, with a Nissan driven by Kazunori Yamauchi, Lucas Ordonez, Tobias Schulze and Yasukichi Yamamoto also did well by finishing 30th with a win in SP8T category, just ahead of the Nissan of team Nissan GT-R which came 99th in the overall standings in the hands of Toshio Suzuki, Tetsuya Tanaka, Kazuki Hoshino and Michael Krumm. Last, let's keep the best for the end with Kremer Racing, which clinched a magnificent 13th place in the overall standings, while securing victory in the fiercely fought SP7 category. The team's Porsche 911 GT3 KR was driven by Wolfgang Kaufmann, Alfrid Heger, Dieter Schornstein and Michael Küke.
'We hoped to be in the top-20, but 13th place is unexpected,' acknowledged Eberhard Baunach. 'We are among factory teams and have got the third best Porsche.' Superb!

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Motul teams bag their category wins
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