Jean-Philippe Dayrault, a man to be reckoned with!


Jean-Philippe Dayrault, a man to be reckoned with!

Last weekend saw the holding of the 79th edition of the legendary Pikes Peak (Colorado) hill climb race.

Particularly demanding and impressive, the track twists and winds on the sides of famous Mountain of America, representing a genuine challenge for the machines and drivers:
- Almost 20 kilometres of effort
- An arrival at more than 4,000 metres altitude where oxygen is sparse
- A mix of surfaces, alternating for the last time in its history gravel and asphalt (the 20 km will be asphalted in 2012)
- A single timed session, leaving no room for a slip-up.

The race took place in optimal conditions. History will record that  the climb record was beaten by the famous “Monster Tajima”, the first driver to have broken the symbolic 10 minute barrier (9’51)!

Motul was present as a technical partner of 6 cars. Living up to its reputation, Pikes Peak was ruthless, with only 2 of the 6 cars  crossing the arrival line...

Arriving in Colorado for the first time, Jean-Philippe Dayrault's Dacia Duster No Limit equipped with the Nissan V8, as found in the GT-R, ran in Unlimited class and impressed the many spectators by clinching a 10’17 time, which allowed it to secure third place in the general standings! This was a genuine feat for a driver who still didn't know the 156 turns by heart... 

In Time Attack class, the fine 7th place of De Campos/Mendoza (Subaru Impreza Rally Ready) compensates the disappointment caused by the Subaru Zenkaï Motorsport driven by Stephan Verdier coming spectacularly off the road after having been well in the lead in the class during the first two sectors.  


We now eagerly await 2012!

Image : © Chris Robinson

Jean-Philippe Dayrault, a man to be reckoned with!
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