Guy Martin wins in Ireland


Guy Martin wins in Ireland

On 28 April, Guy Martin clinched a very fine victory at the Cookstown 100, in the Superbike category in race A. This event is one of the motorbike road races of which the British are fond and which take place on road circuits.

The 4 km Cookstown road race, in Ireland, combines parts on the town streets and other parts on country roads, with bumps and ninety degree bends making it particularly tricky. 2012 was moreover the 90th anniversary of the event! In team Tyco Suzuki, supported by Motul, Guy Martin therefore won the Superbike Open A race with a lead of 3 seconds over Ryan Farquhar and Michael Dunlop, and also chalked up the lap record. In the second race, Guy Martin kept the lead but had to give way after taking the escape lane in a turn he negotiated somewhat fast, which made him say: 'The big Suzuki is working really well and if I hadn't made this mistake, we would have won both races. But a win remains a win!' Team manager Philip Neill affirmed for his part: 'Cookstown is an opportunity to make the last tuning for the 2012 season, especially before the Tourist Trophy (...) and taking a victory here in Superbike is very positive for the events to follow.'

One of the most highly awaited events is of course the Tourist Trophy mentioned by Philip Neill, to take place in the week from 2 to 8 June. Once again, the Isle of Man will become the capital of motorcycle racing, for one of the most famous events of the schedule which saw talents unfurl of the likes of John Surtees and Mike Hailwood. The rich programme promises a fine show! 

1// Ryan Farquhar, 25 pts
2// Michael Dunlop, 20 pts
5// Guy Martin, 11 pts - Motul

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Guy Martin wins in Ireland
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