Jean-Louis Schlesser, winner three times in a row!


Organised by René Metge between Nador (Morocco) and Dakar (Senegal) from 29 December to 9 January past, this third edition of the African event proposed a highly attractive route combining piloting, navigation and crossing of the most beautiful African dunes.

After his victories in 2009 and 2010, Jean-Louis Schlesser, participated once again in the race. The multiple winner of the Dakar was co-piloted this time in a novel manner by Céline Merle-Béral, a host on the channel TV Direct 8. This was her very first rally raid.

Despite some trouble in the first two stages, the least that can be said is that the new high-powered duo perfectly fulfilled its aims. At the end of a thrilling 12th stage starting from Kebemer (Senegal) and marked by a gap of only 27 seconds between the first three contenders, the Schlesser Buggy team brilliantly clinched victory in the overall car standings.

After his success in the Pharaons Rally 2010, Jean-Louis Schlesser is continuing in the same vein and therefore remains unbeaten in the Africa Eco Race.

1// Jean – Louis Schlesser (Buggy Schlesser) Motul
2// Stéphane Henrard (Buggy Volkswagen)
3// Jérôme Pélichet (Bowler)

Photos : Jean - Louis Shlesser / Team Schlesser Aventures - Buggy Schlesser© Team Schlesser Aventures

Jean-Louis Schlesser, winner three times in a row!
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