Broslavsky & Gorlanov take the win


Broslavsky & Gorlanov take the win

The second stage of the Russian Rally Championship 2011 has just been held in the environs of the small town of Asbest, in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia. Ural is famous for fast rally drivers. The originality of the rally stages significantly complicates the task of drivers form other regions. Nevertheless, the winner of the 'Mountain Flax-2011' race was the Moscow rally team FreeDRIVE, which was at this track for the first time. The FreeDRIVE crew, Gennady Broslavsky & Alexander Gorlanov, technically supported by Motul, settled down in second position, successfully fought off the attacks of rivals, and steered clear of numerous track traps. When one of the leaders was caught in a snow trap, just under 5 km from the finish, the rest of the race was a piece of cake. Broslavsky and Gorlanov brought their Lancer to the finish line and deserved to win. According to the winter season results, FreeDRIVE becomes the leader of the national championship.

1. G.Broslavsky / A.Gorlanov - 41 pts - Motul
2. A.Truhin / A.Bushmeleva – 40pts
3. D.Tagirov / V. Tagirov – 25 pts

Picture: © Anton Malyshev

Broslavsky & Gorlanov take the win
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