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Devam Et


Product Type
Metalworking Fluids
Product Range
Industrial Products
Jerrycan 20 L, Drum 208 L, IBC 1000L
Article number
109746; 109747; 109758

SAFKOOL 6420 is a high-performance, high-range, multi-purpose soluble concentrate particularly suited to machining operations which use soft to hardwater (from 50 to 800 ppm).

Operations: turning, milling, threading, grinding, gear cutting, boring and drilling...

SAFKOOL 6420 is recommended for machining on all kind of materials.Due to a specialised formula, SAFKOOL 6420 is suitable for the machining of all aeronautical aluminum and titanium alloys.


-SNECMA approval on aluminum and titanium (following document n°455-201-0-00 index B)

- High-Speed machining compatible

- Excellent non-foaming properties

- Excellent deaeration properties

- Wide range of water hardness compatibility

- Good anti-wear properties

- Optimisation of surface finish and endurance

- Excellent bio-stability

- Operator friendly

- Cleanliness of working environment

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