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Lubricant for off-road bicycle chains. Especially suitable in dry conditions - ESTER Technology
  • Organic base lubricant using non-fossil renewable materials
  • Keeps the chain lubricated under severe conditions of use
  • Prevents dust and dirt from settling on the chain

MOTUL Chain Lube Dry for MTB Optimize the performance of your MTB chain in dry conditions with MOTUL Chain L...

Technical Data Sheet

Choose MOTUL Chain Lube Dry for a high-performance and durable transmission, even in the driest weather conditions.

MOTUL Chain Lube Dry for MTB

Optimize the performance of your MTB chain in dry conditions with MOTUL Chain Lube Dry, an organic-based lubricant designed for maximum efficiency.
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Advanced Technology: Enhanced with ESTER base for high anti-wear properties, this lubricant guarantees maximum adhesion to the chain thanks to its optimized polarity, reducing friction and power loss.

Dry Performance: Formulated for optimal performance in dry and arid conditions, it ensures smooth and quiet operation of the transmission.

Eco-friendly: Designed with renewable, non-fossil materials and readily biodegradable ingredients,

MOTUL Chain Lube Dry is environmentally friendly. Free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and safe for the user.

Durability and Protection: Contains Boron Nitrides for excellent anti-wear properties, protecting the transmission and increasing the durability of the chain. Water and rust resistant, it does not damage seals.

Sustainable packaging: Available in a 100% bio-sourced and recyclable plastic bottle.

Official product: Official product of the UCI MTB World Series, approved by the pros.
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ESTER Technology: For many decades Motul has been developing high-performance synthetic lubricants based on Ester, including the 300V since 1971. The use of esters increases the lubrication and protection performance of mechanical parts even in the most extreme conditions such as competition. Esters are polar molecules and are therefore attracted to metal surfaces. ESTER technology has an optimized polarity for maximum adhesion of the oil film in order to increase the protection, reliability and response of mechanical systems, in all operating conditions, even the most extreme.

Directions for use for MOTUL Chain Lube Dry in dry conditions

Shake the bottle of MOTUL Chain Lube Dry well before use.

1. First clean your chain with MOTUL Chain Clean.
2.Apply MOTUL Chain Lube Dry to the inner links of the chain while rotating the pedals in the opposite direction.
3. Let the product adhere completely for a few minutes.
4. Clean off excess product with a clean cloth.

Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and the information mentioned on the bottle for safe use.

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