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Powerful solvent free water based degreaser for off road bicycle brakes and mechanical systems: levers, axles, mechanisms, fork and shock absorbers, chain stoppers and adjusters
  • Dissolves stubborn dirt such as oil, grease and tar
  • Restores breaking performance
  • Gentle on hands in case of contact.

MOTUL Brake Clean for MTB Restore your MTB brakes to their optimum efficiency with MOTUL Brake Clean, the po...

Technical Data Sheet

With MOTUL Brake Clean, ensure impeccable braking performance on every ride.

MOTUL Brake Clean for MTB

Restore your MTB brakes to their optimum efficiency with MOTUL Brake Clean, the powerful, fast-drying, water-based degreaser
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Powerful and fast formula: MOTUL Brake Clean is specially formulated to dissolve oil and grease, while removing pad residue and dirt on your brake calipers, pads and discs.

Restored braking performance: This cleaner restores braking performance by eliminating unpleasant squeaks and ensuring a clean, streak-free surface.

Eco-friendly: Environmentally friendly design with readily biodegradable ingredients. Solvent-free and free of volatile organic compounds (VOC), it is safe for the user and the environment.

Practical and safe: Evaporates quickly without leaving any traces, even in case of contact with the hands.

100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottle.

Official Product: Official product of the UCI MTB World Series, approved by the pros.

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Directions for use for MOTUL Brake Clean

1. Shake before use.
2. Spray MOTUL Brake Clean on a cloth or directly on the brake disc.
3. Wait approximately 15 minutes to allow the product to act on the residue.
4. Avoid using MOTUL Brake Clean on plastic, painted or varnished surfaces. In case of contact, wipe immediately with a soft, dry cloth.
5. Clean the disc with a clean cloth.

Pro tip:
1. Disassemble the brake disc.
2. Spray MOTUL Brake Clean on the disc.
3. Clean with a cloth.
4. Reassemble the brake disc.

Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and the information mentioned on the bottle for safe use.

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