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Tyre Repair

Maintenance and Care
Product Range
0,500L aerosol
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MOTUL® Car Care Tyre Repair repairs and re-inflates the tire without the use of tools or unmounting. Its latex based formula does not harm the tire or wheels. MOTUL® Car Care Tyre Repair allows driving hundreds of km before repair. One can treat wheels up to 16". For larger wheels a second can may be necessary. For use in mounted tires only. If the can temperature is below 32°F/0°C, warm it up in front of the car vent to guarantee the product will work properly. HOW TO USE: If possible, remove the object that has caused the puncture. Position the wheel so the valve is in position between 10H and 2H on a dial clockwise. Shake the aerosol. In cold weather, warm it in your hands or place it in front of heating vents in your vehicle. Attach the connector of the aerosol by screwing the thread. Place the aerosol upside down. Remove the cap and press the button until a sufficient pressure is achieved. Immediately roll 10 to 20 km at moderate speed to allow the product to be well distributed. Control as soon as possible the tire pressure and readjust. The aerosol has to be stored properly to avoid shocks on the can.

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