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New additives: MOTUL presents fuel and oil additives for motorcycles and scooters


 French lubricants expert MOTUL is relaunching three additives for motorcycles and scooters. Engine Clean Moto is a cleaning additive for the engine oil circuit, which is added to the engine oil before the oil change. Operational contaminants are dissolved and removed from the oil circuit with the subsequent oil change. Boost and Clean Scooter and Boost and Clean Moto clean and maintain the entire fuel system from the tank to the combustion chamber.

"Our MOTUL additives are effective and workshop-independent wellness cures for your own vehicle. At the same time, they are highly effective and very easy to use, even for the end customer," says Markus Volkart, Business Development Manager MOTUL Germany.

New additives: MOTUL presents fuel and oil additives for motorcycles and scooters


Tailored for the specifics of 1-cylinder automatic engines in the scooter sector is the additive Boost and Clean Scooter. This fuel additive is a powerful formulation that increases the octane rating while effectively cleaning all areas associated with the fuel.

For example, the additive prevents deposits and varnish buildup at the intake valves and in the combustion chambers, disperses condensation and reduces fuel oxidation throughout the fuel system. Engine performance is enhanced through improved combustion efficiency, fuel consumption and pollutant emissions are reduced, and fuel system and catalyst life is increased.

By raising the octane rating, MOTUL Boost and Clean Scooter enables improved combustion. This provides improved throttle response and smooth starting and acceleration, and also reduces the risk of uncontrolled early ignition.

While scooter engines usually deliver their power in a manageable rpm range due to the automatic system, the rpm range used for switched motorcycle engines is often much larger. What's more, in engines that often have up to four or even more cylinders, the fuel system is significantly more complex and requires an adapted additive formulation. "The Boost and Clean Moto product also causes an increase in the octane number as well as a particularly effective cleaning and care effect, adapted to fuel systems of motorcycle engines," says Markus Volkart.

Both fuel additives are suitable for four-stroke engines as well as two-stroke engines.

Engine Clean Moto as an additive for engine oil

Equally suitable for 4T motorcycle and scooter engines is the cleaning additive for the engine oil circuit Engine Clean Moto, which is used before oil changes. It effectively removes operation-related impurities, deposits and varnish. With a cleaned oil circuit, the engine again has uniform full compression on all cylinders and can develop its performance optimally. Compatible with wet clutches.

The container size of the three new additives was developed directly for the respective application; tools or special expertise are not required: Depending on the intended use, the additive is simply added to the fuel tank or oil circuit in the complete container quantity - and ideally at every second refueling or every second oil change.