Relive the action from The Roof of Africa


Relive the action

Relive the action from Motul Roof of Africa through an

emotional short movie


Motorsport brings people together all over the world, and on all kinds of terrain, united by their passion, commitment and fraternity in what they do.  

Some of Motul’s core values (passion, ingenuity, brotherhood, and authenticity) can be found in one of the most exciting and hotly anticipated events, the Motul Roof of Africa – “the Mother of Hard Enduro” –  which in 2016 took place between 30 November and 3 December in Lesotho, Southern Africa. 

A superb short film about that same edition has been produced for Motul.  It not only shows the stamina, speed and precision needed for extreme enduro, but also how the event touches the people of this incredibly beautiful part of the world and how the partnership strengthens the bond between the people of Lesotho, Soweto, South Africa and the Spirit of Motul.    

Few places are as harsh and demanding as the 425km route followed by the riders seeking to enter their name in the record books, and the route is known as one of the most treacherous and demanding enduro terrains in the world.  So, what better to counter that than the beauty of the geography, the warmth and colourful culture of the people, their passion for the event, and the size of the smiles which greet the riders all along the route?  All this, and more, is captured in the Motul Roof of Africa film.

The film opens in Johannesburg, a city with a dark and troubled past but which has been reborn with a new spirit of optimism and freedom, brilliantly and sympathetically summarized by elders of the area.  It moves to the event itself in Lesotho, the rocky, hazardous mountains and dusty tracks of the route to be conquered, and ends at the prestigious and historic Kyalami race track where Motul is headquartered in South Africa.  

Man, machine and Motul united together in the Roof of Africa: live the passion!

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