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Motul Big Stats

MotoGP is a worldwide event. From Assen to America and Silverstone to Sepang, the GP paddock is truly global. And what makes it better is that no track is the same. Every circuit has its own style, personality and charm. But how can these 19 tracks be so different?

The racers in MotoGP can reach an impressive pace, but they also reach some dizzying heights too! Speilberg, Austria boasts the highest altitude track at 661m above sea level. The track closest to sea level is Assen in The Netherlands which is only 8m above sea level.

The track closest to a capital city is Losail, which is only 28.2km away from the Qatari capital, Doha.

Unsurprisingly, Circuit of the Americas is furthest away from its nation's capital at a whopping 2740.3km away from Washington DC. Both of the Italian tracks sit equidistant from the Italian capital, Rome, at 325km.

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Of course, not every track can be close to their capital city. But there is so much more of each country to see. Phillip Island sits only 3.7km from the nearest town, while the nearest large town to Termas De Rio Hondo, Santiago del Estero, is 69.1km away.   

Transport is vital when following MotoGP across the globe, especially air travel. Le Mans is 235km from the nearest international airport and Sepang is just 6.2km away from the nearest town, from which the track gets it name.

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The track furthest away from the coast is Brno, in the landlocked Czech Republic. The nearest coastal point is Trieste, in Italy, 625km away. It is not the only track that would mean you would have to venture into another country to go to the beach. Termas De Rio Hondo is 600.2km to the nearest coastline in Chile (to get to the Termas’ nearest Argentinian beach, you would have to travel over 1000km to Buenos Aires), Spielberg’s closest beach is also in Trieste, Italy 309km away. And for Sachsenring fans to make a seaside detour, they would have to travel 212.4 km to Rijeka, Croatia. The closest MotoGP host to the beach is, of course, Phillip Island.

Brno - 625km - Trieste, Italy

Termas - 600.2km - Chilean Coast 

Spielberg - 309km - Trieste, Italy

Sachsenring - 212.4 - Rijeka, Croatia

Closest to coast - Phillip Island - 2.1km

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The longest track is Silverstone which lies at almost 6km in length. The shortest track is Valencia at 4km.

The widest tracks are Sepang and Termas, both 16m wide, while Jerez is just 11m in width.

If top speed is what you’re after then the circuit with the longest straight is Mugello with 1141m, meanwhile Assen has the shortest straight of 487m.

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COTA has the most turns 20 and Spielberg the least only 10. COTA also has the most left turns - 11 while Sachsenring leans left the least with just 3 turns.

The most laps that a rider will have to do in a singular MotoGP race is 30 at Sachsenring, while the least laps in a MotoGP race is a tie between Sepang and Silverstone, just 20.

The furthest distance raced in a Grand Prix is at Spielberg 120.9km and the least is Valencia - 108.1km.

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Assen is the oldest GP track, constructed in 1955, although in 2006 the layout was altered and the northern loop was removed. Technically Brno is the oldest GP race, starting in 1930 but the action took place on the roads. The current track was built in 1982 and GP didn’t race at the track until 1987.

Silverstone was started on an abandoned airfield in 1947 and slowly converted into a race track, it held its first race in 1949, the same year the world championship was founded.

The youngest track is Chang which was built in 2014, closely followed by COTA which was completed in 2012.

Due to Brno starting as a road race, Le Mans is technically the oldest GP track race on the calendar hosting since 1969-1995 and then returning in 2000. The newest race is Chang which will be used by MotoGP for the first time for the 2018 season.

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The hottest race track in summer is Losail, which can reach 41ºc, the coolest in summer is Silverstone: 19.6ºc.

The hottest track location in winter is Sepang which can reach 32ºc. The coolest in winter is Spielberg at a chilling 2ºc, it is closely followed by Sachsenring and Brno at an average of 2.3ºc.

The least humid track annually is Mugello at only 45.3% humidity. The most humid is Sepang which can reach up to 90%.

The track which receives the most rainfall annually is Motegi with a wet and wild 1410mm of precipitation. The desert track of Losail is the driest with only 80mm of precipitation annually.

Motul Big Stats
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