A new way of experiencing Motorcycles!



A new way of experiencing Motorcycles!

On the edge of Woodstock, just before you cross over into Cape Town’s CBD, lies Barron Street. On the cusp of full-blown gentrification—but not quite all the way there yet—it’s home to such diverse businesses as a print shop, a bus depot and a swanky pet day-care. It’s also where you’ll find Cape Town’s first community DIY motorcycle workshop: the Woodstock Moto Co. 

Woodstock Moto Co. founder Devin Paisley has a simple mantra: ‘Motorcycles for Everyone.’ 

He’s set the WMC up as an inclusive space where riders and non-riders can congregate around the love of motorcycles. Day-to-day, the WMC is a place to wrench on your own machine (with help from others), grab a coffee and a toastie, and make new friends.

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