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Inugel G13 Ultra

Разладувачи и Антифриз
Палета на производи
Автомобил, Градинарство, Комерцијални возила
OEM дозволи
VW TL 774 J (G13)
1L can, 5L can, 20L jerrycan, 60L drum,208L drum
Article number
104379 ; 104380 ; 104381 ; 104382 ; 104383

Lobrid Technology. Concentrated antifreeze (down to -50°C / -58°F) developed to meet the requirements of G13 standard (TL VW 774J) recommended by the VAG group. Compatible with coolants that meet the former specifications: G12, G12+ and G12++. Protection against freezing, corrosion, and scale. Optimum protection of aluminum at high temperatures.

Најди дистрибутер
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