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Sustainable Development


Motul has for long been concerned about the environmental dimension of its activity, both in the formulation phases of its products and in the means made available to its clients in some markets to manage their wastes.

The technical development teams provide genuine responses by developing products which are environmentally friendly in their formulation and use, yet which have equal and sometimes even higher performance.

In this way, materials are favoured that come from renewable vegetal sources such as in the ester-based oils of which Motul is the specialist, or else which come from recycled or recyclable materials for packaging.

Thanks to the development of Eco Fuel formulations, a decrease in fuel can be promoted and emissions reduced with lubricants compatible with the new exhaust gas post-treatment technologies. Also the risks of pollution can be made to disappear with 100% biodegradable lubricants, intended for instance to grease chainsaw chains, or else with biodegradable oils for 2 -stroke marine engines.

Since the mid-1990s in Germany with the 'Grüne Dach' and in France with 'Eco Service', Motul has been offering its clients the possibility of delegating the management of all the waste from their activity.

By taking care, on behalf of its clients, of the administrative and regulatory follow-up of each of the collection and processing activities, Motul allows them to focus on their core interest while resting assured of meeting their legal obligations.


In 2007, MotulTech joined the European project Ibiolab grouping 22 partners from 7 European countries.

This consortium has led to the development of new high-tech formulations with good performances which meet the criteria of the European Ecolabel. Produced from renewable raw materials, these formulations are biodegradable and non-toxic for the environment and human health.

The Ibiolab project has two main goals:

  • Improving the performances and cost of biolubricants by developing new technologies.
  • Improving the performances and cost of biolubricants by developing new technologies.

Promoting biolubricants by obtaining the European Ecolabel for them. To qualify for the Ecolabel, a product must be without danger for the environment and human health and must demonstrate the same performance as a conventional product.

This Ibiolab programme came to an end at a conference in July 2009 in Paris. MotulTech presented there the results of its research, and its latest solutions for sustainable development.

Environmental certification

Motul has been endeavouring for many years to get its Quality Management System recognised by international certifications.

 In June 2014, Motul production site obtained the international certification ISO 14001 for Environmental Management setting criteria for an environmental management system. Under this scheme, this is the assurance for company management, employees and external stakeholders that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

Obtaining this certification is seen by Motul merely as the end result and recognition of daily work, the fruit of the involvement of all, both in their collective efforts and individual commitments.