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Product Type
Metalworking Fluids
Product Range
Industrial Products
Drum 208 L, IBC 1000 L, BULK
Article number
107184; 107185; 108109

A neat cutting oil especially developed for general machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, it can be also used in hydraulic systems of machine-tools. SUPRACUT 15 G is advised and widely used in the automotive and mechanical industries for turning operations on brass and mild steels.


- High lubricating power and protection against corrosion optimized 
- Compatible with all metals
- User safety (no labeling)
- Can be used in centralised system or in individual machine 
- Compatible with every types of filtration system 
- Reduced product consumption 
- Easy removal of SUPRACUT 15 G by traditional washing procedures

High performance cutting oil designed for machining by chip removal of ferrous ans non-ferrous metals. 
SUPRACUT 15 G is especially suitable for standard machining operations of brass and mild steels.



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