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Mechanical Industries
Product Type
Metalworking Fluids
Product Range
Industrial Products
Container 985kg, Drum 200kg, Pail 59kg, Bulk
Article number
108529; 108520; 108523

High performance emulsion high range STABILIS 9230 is a high performance - high range multi purposes’ soluble concentrate particularly suitable for use on all metal working even hard operations. STABILIS 9230 is recommended to work on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Including a specific composition, STABILIS 9230 is compatible with all aeronautics aluminium alloys, titanium alloys & Inconel BENEFITS Excellent lubrication Maximal refrigerant power Unlabelled Optimisation of surface finishes & tolerances Excellent bio-stability in use Maximum reduction of foaming Operator friendly Cleanliness of working environment SNECMA approval (Document Snecma 455-201-0-00 ind B) EADS conformity (ASN 42302)

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