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Gear Synth XD 75W-80

Transmission fluids
Product Range
Commercial Vehicles
OEM Approvals
ZF TE-ML 01L / 02L / 16K ; MAN 341 Z-4 (ex-MAN 341 SL+). PERFORMANCE LEVEL : DAF ; EATON Manual Transmission ; IVECO 18-1807 CLASS MGS1 ; MAN 341 E-3 ; RENAULT ; VOLVO 97305
20L Jerrycan, 208L drum, Bulk
Article number
108324 ; 107002 ; 107003

Specially designed for heavy duty manual transmissions running under high load and extended drain services: DAF, IVECO, MAN, VOLVO, EATON and ZF with or without Retarder…

Especially recommended for ZF truck gearboxes requiring a ZF TE-ML 01L or 02L approved lubricant.

Suitable also for gearboxes and gearbox/differential without limited slip system operating under moderate loads and revolution speed or transfer gearboxes, mechanical transmissions without hypoid gear, reduction gears operating under moderate to severe load and revolution speed.


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