Founded in 1853, Motul is a French company with an international footprint specialized in the formulation, production, and distribution of high-performance lubricants for engines (two-wheelers, cars, heavy duty vehicles and more...), as well as for its industrial activity through its Motul Tech entity. Renowned for its capacity to innovate and to provide state-of-the-art synthetic lubricants, the brand launched in 1971 the very first 100% synthetic multigrade lubricant, its "flagship product": the Motul 300V.




Over the years, Motul has gained worldwide awareness as an official supplier to a great number of motor sport teams and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Today, the company remains a key partner of emblematic international racing competitions such as the Dakar Rally, the 24 Hours of Le Mans (cars, motorbikes), MotoGP and many others.

A pioneer in its sector, Motul has always put innovation and progress at the heart of its strategy. Facing a rapidly changing world, the company is now diversifying its activity in favor of a better and more responsible mobility.  




In 170 years, Motul has succeeded in the challenge of building a brand recognized by the greatest number of people while retaining its pioneering spirit. It is this desire to move forward that has led the company to constantly innovate for over a century, to provide cutting edge technology and to be part of the world leaders in the sector today.