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Inboard Tech 4T 10W-40

Type de moteur
4T inboard
Normes ACEA
ACEA E7 (E5 & E3)
Normes API
API CI-4 / CH-4 / CG-4 / CF-4 ; API SG / SF
Homologations constructeurs
CATERPILLAR ECF 1 ; CUMMINS 20071-20072-20076-20077-20078 ; MAN M3275 ; GLOBAL DHD-1 ; MTU TYPE II ; VOLVO PENTA VDS-3 / VDS-2
2L can, 5L can, 208L drum
Numéro d'article
101751 ; 101753 ; 101754

Technosynthese® lubricant for 4-Stroke Inboard engines. Reinforced with synthetic base stocks providing outstanding resistance at high temperature, easier flowing at cold temperature and longer lubricant life time. Protects against corrosion due to moisture and salt, neutralises acid combustion residues from fuel, increases engine life time. Prevents emulsion with water. Reinforced in detergents and dispersants to guarranty engine cleanliness and prevent from deposit build ups on pistons and into engine sump. SAE 10W viscosity grade at cold temperature drastically improves wear protection at cranking and fuel economy when frequent start ups.

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