Motul launches a new Additive range for professionals


Motul launches a new Additive range for professionals

Motul launches a new Additive range for professionals

Using its expertise and to face the constant demand for improved mechanical performance, Motul has developed a broad range of additives for professionals. Modern engine consumption depends on the quality of combustion of the fuel being used. Also, combustion and friction of moving parts lead to wear, metal abrasion and greater operating clearances.

With its comprehensive range of additives for professionals, Motul offers an effective solution to clients looking for engine performance.

This range comprises additives to be mixed with fuel. They include detergent molecules that act in the combustion chamber as well as in the fuel circuit and injectors (Fuel System Clean, Diesel System Clean, Valve and Injectors Clean) to clean them. An additive mixed with fuel is also available to improve the efficacy of exhaust gas post treatment systems and promote Diesel Particle Filter regeneration (DPF Clean).

This new range also includes additives to be mixed with engine oil before an oil change in order to clean all components in contact with lubricant. This operation removes all deposits and clogging and mixes them with the oil before the oil change (Engine Care, Hydraulic Lifter Care).

Motul also provides a product stopping leaks in the lubrication circuit (Engine stop leak).

Combined use of these products has the immediate effect of improving combustion in the combustion chamber and unleashes the engine power and efficiency. Clients then see lower fuel consumption, better environmental impact and a return to nominal engine performance.

Last, Motul also supplies products for components associated with the powertrain. An automatic gearbox cleaner (Automatic Transmission Clean), to be used before an oil change, protects from wear and enhances engine response. Two coolant additives clean the cooling system (Radiator Clean) and stop leaks (Radiator Stop Leak). An air intake and carburettor cleaner completes the Motul range of additives for professionals (Throttle Body Clean).


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