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Motul USA Announces Power gen/HDDO Line



With 167 years of lubricating oil experience, Motul in North America has primarily focused on being a lubricant specialist in the passenger car/truck, motorcycle and other small engine markets. Outside of North America, Motul, long ago, has been developing and manufacturing heavy duty lubricants for large diesel engines, natural gas engines and complimentary products like heavy duty transmission fluids, gear oils, coolants and greases to meet the extreme demands of the heavy duty on and off-road market, including stationary engine applications in power generation. We use the same philosophy in our approach to heavy duty as we do in auto and powersports- using only the highest quality materials available to create the best blend possible to ensure reliability, performance, and maximization of the application. 

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Line

The Tekma line of oils, offered in mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic qualities, provides comprehensive coverage of everything from light-passenger trucks from Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax and Dodge Cummins applications, to Detroit Diesel, Cummins and Caterpillar on/off-highway engines and stationary power generation engines.  


Tekma products are formulated to address the most demanding conditions and never compromising in performance. Tekma offers many unique benefits including:

Enhanced Fuel Economy & Power v. the competition= low friction formulas which minimize metal to metal contact which improve engine efficiency and improved engine longevity

Maximum Engine Protection= formulated with the highest quality additives to provide exceptional extreme pressure and wear protection to maximize the life of heavy duty engines

Extended Drain Intervals= we can also drastically reduce the maintenance costs of ownership by offering formulations that are very stable at high temperatures leading to improved oil ageing to maximize the oil drain interval

The Tekma line is formally approved to meet and exceed the leading engine manufactures specifications with the latest API CK-4 technology and is fully backwards compatible to all previous API standard such as CJ-4, CI-4+, CI-4, CH-4.


Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Line

Power Generation Gas Engine Oil Line:

Much like with our other engine oils offered, capitalizing on our expertise to meet the constant demand for improved mechanical efficiency, Motul has developed a high performance range of lubricants for large stationary gas-engines which meet and exceed the standards demanded by industry OEMs and our customers. Our high performance gas engine oils are specially designed to reduce engine wear, thus optimizing life cycle costs even under the most severe operating conditions. 

We developed our gas products for natural gas applications utilizing all forms of natural gas- sweet, sour, well and bio. These all individually propose different technical challenges but the overall outcome remains the same- Motul gas engine oils will optimize engine fleet operations by reducing downtime, improving fuel economy, lower material and labor costs thus maximizing electrical power output to the grid in your town, city and state. 

Our natural gas engine oils are approved by the leading large gas engine manufacturer's such as Jenbacher, Waukesha, Wartsila, Cummins, Caterpillar and many more- the approvals of these manufacturers were achieved by in the field testing, compiling thousands of hours of data to be an approved product and exceeding the toughest demands by the industry.