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Engine Lubricants

Motul lubricants protect your engine throughout its life-cycle in accordance with the recommendation of the manufacturers and the various existing standards such as EURO, which sets limits on emissions, and other standards like ACEA, API, JASO, NMMA FC-W.


8100 Line

100% Synthetic products combining different most recent approvals from different OEMs in one lubricant

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Specific Line

100% Synthetic products geared for one type of OEM specification or approval in one lubricant

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6100 Line

Technosynthese® products giving you the best compromise between performance and price competitiveness

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4100 Line

Technosynthese® products combining popular international standards and some approvals from different OEMs

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Hybrid line

100% Synthetic recommended for Full Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV)

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Break in Oil

Performance Mineral Oil for breaking-in 4 stroke engines

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Classic Cars

Engine Oil for vintage cars and motorcycles

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What does 100% Synthetic mean?

Our 100% synthetic top of the range offering is denoted as our 8100 range in gold colour as well as our specific line in silver colour . Motul is combining the newest and best performing synthetic base oils to exceed car manufacturers requirements. The 8100 range is basically a combi-product with many different car manufacturers approvals whereas the specific range is dedicated for special approvals from given car manufacturers. 

What does Technosynthese® mean?

Technosynthese®  is an ingenious combination of synthetic and best mineral base stocks for optimal performance and price competitiveness. Technosynthese® is a registered trademark from Motul.

What does Mineral mean?

The base stocks used in Motul's mineral range entirely proceed from the refining of crude oil.


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