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Gear 300 LS 75W90: for easier gear changing


MOTUL has developed a new gear oil specially for use in high-performance manual transmissions and differentials with limited slip: MOTUL Gear 300 LS SAE 75W90, a fully synthetic ester-based racing sport gear oil.

Ideal for manual transmissions with integrated differential lock and rear-wheel drives with and without differential lock. Very high temperature stability and improved thermal conductivity ensure maximum safety and performance even under the most adverse thermal loads. Extremely high pressure absorption capacity warrants resilient, reliable wear protection for the drive even under extreme loads. With these key characteristics, MOTUL Gear 300 LS 75W90 is recommended for particularly high-torque drives.

The innovative MOTUL racing sport gear oil with standard API GL 5 makes changing gears in vehicles of all kinds extremely quick, easy and comfortable, even at very low temperatures. There are practically no shearing losses so that stable viscosity is ensured even under extreme conditions, such as high speed, high torque or high temperature. This therefore warrants optimum wear protection and a long service life.

Gear 300 LS 75W90: for easier gear changing