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Industrijski proizvodi
Jerrycan 20 L, Drum 208 L, IBC 1000 L
Article number
108526; 108509; 108510

Polyvalent emulsion.

STABILIS 9220 is a high-performance, high-range, multi-purpose soluble concentrate particularly suited to all metal working, even hard operations. STABILIS 9220 is recommended to work on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Due to its specific composition, STABILIS 9220 is compatible with all aeronautical aluminium alloys, titanium alloys and Inconel.


- Excellent lubrication
- Maximum refrigerant power
- Unlabelled
- Optimisation of surface finish and endurance
- Excellent bio-stability 
- Maximum reduction of foaming
- Operator friendly
- Cleanliness of working environment


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