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Product Type
Cleaning & Protection
Product Range
Industrial Products
Drum 25 L, Drum 200 L, IBC 1000L
Article number
104540; 106180; 104637

SAFCO KLEEN 60 is a cleaning solvent compatible with all metals, including coated or precious.

It can be used on most thermoplastics and plastics which are insensitive to organic solvents. Can be used on most composites. No action on glass and ceramics. Can be used pure, at room temperature, by any manual process, cloth, pad, brush. In a Fountain. By immersion. Can be used in A3 class machine


- Has an excellent solvency power on most oils and greases.
- Has a low density of 770 kg/m3, which gives it a good separation ability from pollutants (which does not remain on the surface as in the case of chlorinated solvents)
- Does not contain stabilisers.
- No risk of hydrolysis.
- Is not corrosive.

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