Motul Automotive - Research & Development

Maintaining close contact with OEMs to provide them with novel solutions

The Group works with OEMs in three main areas:

  • Reducing polluting emissions: Motul innovates by developing new environmentally-friendly molecules, thus helping OEMs reduce their vehicle polluting emission levels (particles, unburnt hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides...) thanks to 'Fuel Eco' lubricants.
  • Reducing fuel consumption: Motul creates low-viscosity lubricants that will help OEMs reduce CO2 levels.
  • Optimising oil change intervals: Motul develops additives and basestocks highly resistant to temperature and oxidation, thus contributing to extending oil change intervals.

Applying research to competition.

Motul capitalises on its partners competing with factory teams in order to develop and validate products with extreme test constraints.

Developing tomorrow's products.

True to its pioneer spirit, the Group permanently seeks and tests tomorrow's components, both showing better performances and more environmentally-friendly.

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