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Motul Partnerships


Motul Partnerships

Reaching the top is a daily lifetime achievement and Motul has always heeded this guidance since its earliest days. Evidence of this performance, reliability and craft can be seen through various testimonies.

First and foremost, Motul placed motorsport as its prime creative and ingenious laboratory since it first began appearing in motorsport disciplines in the 1950s. Consequently, Motul has been a dedicated technical partner to the finest teams in history.

Partnership - that is a word that goes beyond “sponsorship”. Teams proudly wearing Motul colours run their vehicles with Motul’s specific Factory Line and Motorsport Line ranges. Motul also has technical agreements and collaborations with some of the world’s most rigorous and reliable Original Equipment Manufacturers

Sometimes, when engine technology constraints demand it, Motul works with leading OEMs to develop bespoke cutting-edge products in order to give its teams that extra bit of horsepower which ultimately makes the difference. Moreover, Motul partnerships remain true to themselves for decades. 

Recognised as a significant player in the motorsport world, Motul has established strong relationships with iconic organisations Ingenuity, Authenticity & Passion: here are the credo of Motul. Driven by those key words, Motul moves in the most iconic places.