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MOTUL® ALL IN ONE DIESEL is a complete multi-action curative fuel additive cleaner for Diesel injection systems used in all types of Diesel engines, indirect or direct injection, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, with or without DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), with or without SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction), and using Diesel or Biodiesel fuel. MOTUL® ALL IN ONE DIESEL is a Diesel additive compatible with Biodiesels B7 (Biodiesel 7%) and B10 (Biodiesel 10%).

MOTUL® ALL IN ONE DIESEL effectively cleans deposits and fouling inherent in the operation of Diesel engine fuel systems thanks to its curative multi-action properties thus limiting:

  • injector nozzle fouling
  • condensation in the fuel system
  • gumming in the injectors and injection pump
  • dirtying of combustion chambers and inlet valves

MOTUL® ALL IN ONE DIESEL provides a perfect lubrication during cleaning phase and prevents removed micro-particles from depositing.

By eliminating deposits and fouling from valves, injectors and combustion chambers, MOTUL® ALL IN ONE DIESEL enables powerful combustion to restore engine performance. MOTUL® ALL IN ONE DIESEL also increases the Cetane number of the fuel, achieving optimal combustion and reducing fuel consumption.

MOTUL® ALL IN ONE DIESEL curative multi-action additive is also formulated to aid in the regeneration of the particulate filter, thereby reducing gas and particulate emissions.

MOTUL® ALL IN ONE DIESEL protects diesel from oxidation and thus prevents the formation of micro-organisms in the fuel circuit.

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